Foundation History

csDishaa Foundation has dedicated itself since the year 2006 on the Mantra Commitment towards a Better, Secure and Cleaner Tomorrow. For more than 11 years, csDishaa has instilled positivity in the widespread youth development and empowerment drive across the country. The mantra ‘Commitment towards a better, secure and cleaner tomorrow’ has impacted the lives of thousands of exuberant young minds and our programs have been enriching youth with understanding, hope and brighter future.
Every day, we work harder to create new partnerships, to offer sustainable opportunities only to make our society, our country and our future shine brighter.

Other milestones in the journey were - inclusion of career counselling in the CBSE curriculum, Adoption of 124 villages to ameliorate the private schooling, free of cost career counselling of over 25,000 school children through psychometric tests) and Project Kaaliyan to encourage the girl education.