Primary School Renovation

Primary School Renovation

The condition of the school infrastructurecan have a profound effect on students, faculty, and administration. During the period 2014 to 2016, Dr. Udita adopted more than 150 villages, wherein she took up the challenge to renovate various primary and middle schools in these villages which were in dilapidated condition. The idea behind this was to re-enforce the cause of clean India. The primary objective is to instil basic learning among the children in the early stage of their childhood.

The enrolment of children in primary schools in India has seen a three-fold increase in 15 years. The majority of primary schools were and many still are, running in rented or rent-free buildings, most of which are unsuitable for school purposes, as they are ill-lighted, ill-ventilated and unhygienic.

With aging school facilities, changes in building safety codes, over-crowded classrooms, and advances in technology, we come forward with our aim to promote Primary School Renovation:

  • Reconstruct the Primary Schools and provide a suitable teaching and learning environment for primary school-going students.Provide adequate school furniture (desk, chairs, blackboards and tables). Procure and distribute teaching/learning and other materials.
  • Build the capacity of School Management Committees through training.
  • Improve access to basic educational facilities and provide a conducive teaching/learning atmosphere for both pupils and teachers for communities in the project area Universal quality primary education, with adequate and safe learning environment (classrooms).
  • Create a better learning environment to improve the academic performance of students.
  • Volunteers work on the beautification of schools including creating murals, planting gardens and making libraries where children can study effectively in a welcoming and sound atmosphere.

csDisha Foundation aims to improve the quality of education, the rate of school enrolment as well as the internal efficiency.

With a commitment towards a Better and Secure Tomorrow, we help children in solving problems of the primary learning environment by planning, designing, constructing and contributing with a view to achieving greater functional efficiency.

Let us create a clean and better learning environment for our children!