Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Have you ever wondered why a country with the largest youth population in the world is still struggling? Struggling to develop as a powerful nation in the global settings?

Imagine, over 64% of the population in India falls under the working age group. Sadly, only 34% of our youth contribute to India’s gross national income. Young people are critical agents who can lead us to achieve sustainable development goals. Empowered youth is the greatest force that drives the nation towards a bright future.

It is the time to rethink and broaden our perspective about youth empowerment. To capitalize the youth power, India must improve the quality of its education, provide employment opportunities and allow full participation of youth in decision-making.

We are proud to be a part of the global phenomenon where young men and women are seeking active social, economic and political involvement.

It is not just about providing employment opportunities to the youth so that they can be more productive for the economic cycle of our country, but to identify and to ameliorate the participation of youth in decision-making and development process. It is very important that we, as a nation realize that youth empowerment is elemental for leading sustainable human development. That is what csdishaa Youth Empowerment initiative is all about - to empower young minds, to enable youth to actively participate in the decision-making and to help them get access to employment opportunities.

Over the years, we have successfully conducted different skill development programmes across India, mostly in remote areas, to boost opportunities and enhance the capabilities of rural youth. So far, we have successfully addressed health-related issues, discrimination against women, drug abuse, physical development, quality education for better employment opportunities, gender inequality, human rights, to name a few.

Our Aim Is to Promote:

  • Youth involvement in making decisions that will affect the future development
  • Active participation of youth in political and administrative prowess.
  • Enhance youth engagement in developing resilience in their community
  • Economic empowerment of young people

csdishaa Foundation focuses on areas such as skill development, education, community engagement, health and lifestyle, youth employment and engagement, inclusion of social values, involvement in politics and governance, entrepreneurship and social justice.

Steps towards A Better and Secure Tomorrow

We are proactively involved in strengthening and empowering our young men and women towards self-determination and towards sustainable model of future development.

As a part of our vision, csdishaa has introduced a career counseling project in 2007 to empower youth. The project was undertaken to help students discover their inner potential and interests in order to help them choose the right career. Over 15000 students from 50+ schools benefited from our career counseling programmes.

My Clean School also creates opportunities and space for the youth to feel satisfied with their schooling and, on graduating, to be more employable. Symbolically My Clean School addresses the other side of the hand with scholastics taking care of the other, and by that strengthening the whole. My Clean School is a complimentary to scholastic learning and can be integrated into the school curriculum without additional effort by the teachers or students. It is about social focus and out-of school (eg. at home) ways of being. While cleanliness (including self and mind) is an outcome, it is the being in action (in the spirit of My Clean) which empowers the individual especially through interaction with members of the community.

Join us to empower the youth of our nation for a sustainable human development!